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WORKSHOP - Shooting people underwater

$450.00 AUD

A workshop that teaches the techniques I use for shooting underwater, editing the images and finding models.

The workshop will INCLUDE of 

(1) CLASSROOM sessions (6 hours) 

(2) One underwater sessions SHOOTING with highly experienced model (2 hours in total)

(3) EQUIPMENT - camera and housing ***

The workshop will run from 

Saturday 2pm - 10pm, 



Class workshop from 2-5pm, 

Shooting from 5pm -7.30pm

Editing 8 - 10pm 

Total of 8 hours 

What it includes

Classroom sessions  

Shooting with the models (this will be a nude shoot - optional) 


Water safety 

Snorkel gear

What you will learn 

(1) Camera and lens selection

(2) Camera settings and getting the right exposure underwater

(3) Finding the models

(4) Editing underwater images 

(5) Shooting nudes

(6) Shooting swimwear

(7) Shooting couples 

(8) Etiquette for shooting nudes

(9) Planning the shooting 

(10) Preparing the model for the shoot, 

(11) Direction and posing underwater

(12) Finding the right light and times of day to shoot

(13) How do still shoot great images when water conditions are not suitable 

(14) Water Safety

(15) Finding locations/pools vs the ocean.

(16) Printing and selling prints

(17) Finding inspiration 

(18) Portfolio builder - you will come away with some great images that YOU took. 

Price includes all my secrets to shooting underwater, models, equipment, snacks, water safety, meeting other photographers and models and a great experience.  You will get an opportunity to shoot some models, edit the images, and start building a portfolio. 

Totaly limited to a max of 8 people.

* As we will be shooting a nude model, its important you are open to this. 

*** I will either provide a camera and housing or if you bring your own camera, I will endeavour to ensure we have a housing that fits your camera - but this cannot be guaranteed. But you will have a camera to use regardless.

The price is $450

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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