Exhibit - Sea People

I have a new exhibition and some exciting things happening in the first 2 weeks of July. 

My exhibition. 

So much about the ocean is unknown, undiscovered and mysterious. So much of what is taught to us encourages fear. We learn about rips and currents, big waves and sharks, we hear of drownings and deaths and are told to obey flags and rules. But anyone lucky enough to live near it, anyone who is able to swim, dive or surf in it, knows just how magical, liberating and life-enhancing the ocean can be.  My images are inspired by this dichotomy of fear and love that overwhelms our relationship with the ocean.

This series of images intends to capture that feeling of sublime freedom that exists underwater, a place where we can be simultaneously vulnerable and unrestrained. There is a raw beauty in being stripped back to our natural state, this underwater world giving us permission to release the shackles and constraints of our everyday human experience and become weightless, brave, floating and free. When we confront what scares us, we remove its power and in that way our greatest fears can become our greatest freedom.

I chose women as the subject of these images because, for me, there is something beautiful in the fluidity and grace of the female form that embodies the emotional and spiritual essence of freedom. An elegance of movement that seems entirely at home in the dappled light, patterns, and reflections beneath the surface of the ocean.


For this exhibition I  am collaborating with some amazing  people who’s subjects merge perfectly with my imagery. 

The Ocean, Health and Wellbeing. 

Firstly I have Johannes Egberts who will be doing 2 talks and one workshop on the Wim Hof method . 

Thursday  4th July  - 1 hour Introduction to Wim How with Johannes Egberts 

Thursday 11th July  - 1 hour Introduction to Wim How with Johannes Egberts 

Saturday 13th July  - Full work shop

You can read a recent article about Johannes and the Win Hof method here. 


Daily I will be having a hour yoga and meditation class.  (11:30am - 12:30pm) with Emma Whitaker. 

Emma is a yoga & mindfulness teacher who believes in our infinite potential to evolve & create the life we desire.  Authentic yoga is much more than physical exercise, it’ s a science, a spiritual technology that works with the body, energy & mind, to enhance our human possibility.

We will be connecting with breath to stabilise body, energy & mind, aligning with the raw beauty of our wholeness, stripping away all that doesn’t serve us. Focusing on slow mindful movement,  practicing riding the waves of our experience,  to flow through life with more ease & grace. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”- Jon Kabat- Zinn.  

All levels are welcome, come to restore, revitalise & reconnect.

Additionally I will have some warm pies available from Ryan. 


Thank you to Northern Beaches council for giving me access to this beautiful space. 




All images owned by Mark Morgan
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