The Snowy McAlister 2018

The Snowy McAlister Winter Festival  is one of my favourite weekends in winter, as its a long weekend ( thanks Queen) and it means we get to see some great surfing talent in Manly.  

I first shot the Snowy McAlister in 2015.  Longboarding was sort of off my radar then, and I was more interested in shooting shortboards and the inside of barrels. I was immediately smitten with the grace and style of longboarding, and since then it has been mostly what draws my lens. 

You can read all about the history of The Snowy festival here .

The 2018 even was a great  success despite some crap weather on a couple of the days. At least this year we didn’t have to fight through a bank  of sea weed to get to the break.

Finals day was the best day surf wise, we got some really nice clean waves with a little height, and a perfect sunny day. Most of the footage I captured is from day 3. 

Huge thanks to the organisers and the surfers for putting on a another great  event. I hope my short film and the images do it some justice.

Here is a small film :

Here are some stills I took from the water during day 1 and 3.  This is only a small selection of images I took, feel free to contact me if you are looking for a particular surfer. 

Full gallery is here :

If you would like any images as prints please contact me and I can arrange something for you. 

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Be sure to check the other photographers and videographers who covered the event.

Thanks Mark <3

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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