Tips for models

How to arrive at the shoot

Clean washed hair

Ready for HMUA to prepare your hair for the shoot. 

Clean washed face

Ready for Make up

Clean hands and nails

If you are wearing nail polish, ensure its tidy.

How to prepare for a shoot

Ask for a mood board

Look at the clients mood board. Understand what look they are going for.  

Practice Poses 

Look at images you like, and practice the poses.  Look at hands, eyes, lips, neck, hips... try your best to replicate the look in front of a mirror.

Practice, practice, practice. Research poses in magazines from models you'd like to emulate and practice them at home. When it comes to your next photo shoot you'll feel a lot more confident


Be late

Go out late  the night before. 

Use fake tan

Posing tips


Create separation between your limbs from your body

The picture to the right is the same model , and all she has done is slightly change the position of her arms.  Ie they are seperated from her body. 

See original article  here  :

P.S. All pose examples are unedited for a true representation – taken by Jon Brook


Postion hands and pop your hip for better body shape. You can do this by positioning yourself to camera, then creating the waist you want seen with the positioning of your hands on your ‘hips’. 

Note that her hands are higher up and hip is popped out

Photo credit to other model and Jon Brook.


Relax the hands. 

Hands are very important to a good pose. They can convey stress if they are too straight. Try to keep a gentle relaxed pose with your hand. 

Show the sides of the hand only. Never display the full palm or the back of the hand.

If you are not sure what to do with your hands, play with a ring, touch your hair, pick a flower or blade of grass and play with it, hold your swimmers. 

The peanut is a well know pose for studio shoots. 

If you hands feel tense  - shake them and put them back to where you had them.

A great video on posing hands is here 

Shoulders and Neck 

Hard to believe but this is the same model, image taken just seconds apart. 

The neck and shoulders are the ladder to the face, and posing them right can make a great image and even better image. 

Strech the neck up, push hair to side, relax arm. 

Images taken from this video

by Pi eke - PhotoandGrime

Drop shoulder, stretch neck, turn upper body slightly towards the camera. 

Strech neck

Arch back dont slouch

push out bum, straighten up posture. 

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During the shoot

Relax and have fun

Your attitude and mood will show up in the images.  Go in feeling positive and relaxed.  You have been picked for the shoot because the team love your look. 

Just be yourself. 

Its the teams job to make sure you look your best. 

You just have to relax. 

Dont be afraid to try new poses or tell your ideas to the photographer

Photographers love models who give feedback, and ideas.  Models generally know what works best for their body types. 

Naturals smiles. 

Dont do fake smiles. Try to think of funny things you have seen recently.  Think of people you love and make you laugh.  You dont have to look at the camera and smile.  The best photos are a small smile.

Speak up

If you don't like something, or the shoot is making your uncomfortable. Let the team know. 

Its important you are comfortable and relaxed. 

Flow posing

This is how I like to shoot. I set the model up in a location i want to shoot. Give her some basic direction, and then ask her to change the pose after each time she hears the camera click. 

your change of pose can be small, like the placement of your hand, or where your eyes are looking. 

Check pinterest

When you have a break during the shoot. Dont be afraid to have a look at your mood board for some new ideas. 

Relax and have fun!

Did I mention this already

Posing Ideas

What to bring

Towel, hats, sunglasses, phone, water , and ask the photographer what else.  Surfboard, skateboard, unbrella , flowercrown.... 

Its the team and photographers job to ask you to bring what they need you to bring. 

But some of the above will help. 

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