Below with Lily

Lily and I connected to shoot something embracing nature and the elements she loves. I only knew Lily as a passionate Yoga and breath work person, so when I arrived at our meeting location. I did not expect her vehicle to be a working persons UTE. But after spending a bit of time with her, I fully expect a UTE to be her car of choice. 

I followed lily barefoot through the bushes at north head seeking a spot suitable for some sunrise yoga shots, and lily knew the perfect spot. A flat little platform , that was perfect for greeting the sun . My heart skipped a bit, as she did a handstand (on the side of the platform was a long drop ), it was of course perfectly safe for someone who has total control of their body when balancing on their hands. Not me! 

 We then headed down into the ocean, and although it was a little cool, lily jumped in and I could tell she was right at home.
Its rare to find people who hold a perfectly calm face whist underwater….. lily is one of these. I think you can tell she is right at home by the photos in this series. 

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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