Photo Exhibition - A Place of Love and Fear

The Sydney Headon Festival is Sydney’s premier photography event.  

I was really excited to have been accepted into the Sydney HeadOn photography Festival in 2019, its a tough application process. I’ve applied without success in previous years. 

 Its almost surreal to be seeing my body of work taking shape in the form of large prints which will be hanging in the Manly MAF Art Gallery in just a few days, 

I can tell you how hard it has been to select the images to use. I’ve been so fortunate to work with some amazing people, and together we have created work I am really proud of  , so trying to pick which ones to use has been quite a challenge.  But a good one to have. 

My other hard decision was naming the exhibition , I’ve called it In a place of Love and Fear, which I’d be the first to admit sounds a bit wanky. But I do so often find that people who I shoot with in the ocean have a deep love , but also a healthy respect for the ocean. The ocean demands it. 

Ive almost died twice whist shooting in the ocean, so I can definitely vouch for the title. 

I hope you are able to come and show some support for myself and art. 

Info here

Some info about the event

Special thanks to Selena at Sun Studios for making my work look awesome as usual 



MAF gallery is located here

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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