Surfing on the Northern Beaches - Photography, Surfboards and Surfwear

Surf photos,  surfboards and surf wear on the Northern beaches

Between 11th and 22nd of March (2 weeks), I will be holding an event that celebrates surfing imagery and LOCAL surfing brands of the Northern Beaches.   

The purpose of the event is to bring together local surf brands with local surfers and artists.

The WSL Kick start surf event starts in Manly on 9th of March, and this event  will start on the 11th and will run during the duration of the event,

During the 2 weeks, stunning surfing photos, beautiful swimwear and handmade surfboards  all from the Northern beaches will be on display.

This event will be made up of 

  • Northern Beaches Surf photo  competition  #NBSURFPHOTOCOMP
  • Girls Swimwear Party night - 3 local swimwear brands, surf girls movie , live music.   ( supported by Manly spirits - to be confirmed) 
  • Surfboard Shapers - 4 local shapers show their surfboards and talk about their craft. (supported by Nomads beer - to be confirmed)
  • Ocean Dreams - live music and visual show. 
  • WIM HOF Class
  • Surf photography workshop (@mxmsurfphoto)
  • Shooting underwater workshop  (@mxmbelow)

Surf photography competition

  • A surf photography competition will start on 20th February and will be run using Instagram.  ( 3 weeks prior to event start)
  • Photographers will need to post image and tag all vendors involved in the event, plus hashtag - #NBSURFPHOTOCOMP.  
  • The photo must be taken on the Northern beaches
  • There will be various themes - Lifestyle, Longboarding, Under18, Women, Action, Empty, Underwater, Mobile.  
  • Winners announced on opening night 
  • All finalists will have images displayed during the event. 
  • Prizes will be made up of features in various platforms and donations from vendors. 

Shapers Expo

  • 3-4 Shapers will be given a corner of the exhibition hall to show a number of their surfboards, 
  • Shapers will be available to talk about their surfboards , style and ethos. 
  • Shapers call sell products
  • Mark will also be shooting each surfboard with an artistic touch, so the buyer of the surfboard can also get an image of the surfboard. 

Womens Swimwear Party

  • 3-4 local women swimwear makers will be invited to present and sell their products. 
  • The format will be very relaxed with drinks and snacks supplied, 
  • Showing of girls surf movie - Salty Women
  • Live music
  • May also show movie - Blue Crush

Ocean Dreams

  • Live music and visual show
  • Live local musicians playing music in  dark theatre with underwater images and moving images shown

Agenda as follows  (tbc)

  • 11th - 22nd march - Photos from surf comp will be on display. (2 weeks )
  • 11th - 22nd march - Surfboards on display ( 2 weeks) 
  • 13th March  -  Opening night, Sausage sizzle and opening of the exhibition - live music, 
  • 14th March -  Photography exhibition and competition winner announced. 
  • 15th March - Girls swimwear Expo  - 3 local swimwear brands will be introducing their swimwear range, talking about their inspiration,  ethos. 
  •                          Live band, drinks and snacks. 
  •                          Showing of women’s surf movie - Salty Women 
  •                          Showing of Blue Crush movie. 
  •                           Photobooth 
  • 21st March -  3 Northern beaches Shapers will be around to show their surfboards range and discuss their boards. 
  • 21st March - Ocean dreams – short music and visual show. Combining live music with ocean imagery and film. 
  • 20th March - FluroFriday 7th birthday paddle out (Freshwater beach)
  • 20th March - WimHof 
  • 22nd March - Peoples choice for the best photo. 
  • 22nd March - Close of Exhibition

 Surf comp Judges

  • John Brasen - Pacific Longboarder magazine (confirmed )
  • Lauren from Joyce surf magazine ( confirmed )
  • Alan from MAF gallery ( confirmed )
  • Hayley Shaw McGuinness from Oneils Women’s ( confirmed )
  • Matt Chojnacki  ( @thewaxhead)  ( confrimed) 
  • Vanessa (@manlyspirits)  (tbc)


  • 1st prize -  Feature in Joyce magazine and Covered Magazine
  •                       A2 Print and framing of your winning image for you to keep
  •                       Free WIM HOF session 
  • Best women’s photo - Spring suit from Oneil’s women
  • Best under 18 image - Aquatech iPhone housing
  • Best Longboard image - Subscription to PLM
  • Best underwater image -  An underwater shoot with @mxmbelow ( mark morgan) 
  • Best image taken with mobile phone 

(still looking for other prizes) 

Brands invited to participate in the event 


Surfboard Shapers

  • @DJB Surfboards (confirmed)
  • @ABE shapes (tbc)
  • @Oceanside Surfcraft (confirmed)
  • @RhinoLaminating


  • @winkisuits (tbc)
  • @virago_Active ( confirmed )
  • @bikini_adventures ( confirmed )
  • (still looking for one more)


  • Pacific Longboarder magazine (confirmed)
  • Joyce Magazine ( confirmed )
  • Covered Magazine ( tbc)
  • Manly daily (confirmed )

Framing and Printing

  • @MAF gallery 
  • (seeking a printer )


  • @Oneills womens 
  • @manlyspirits (tbc)
  • @nomads_brewery (tbc)
  • @broomfieldspies
  • @aquatechimaging(tbc)

more to follow 


Shooting with Lucy

Shooting Sand and Sea with Lucy. 

In November I met with Lucy ( @lucy.artmodel ) and we shot the theme Sand and Sea.

Lucy is an outstanding model,  when looking at her website or Instagram it’s immediately obvious that she is a complete natural in front of the camera. 

This is her website.

Shooting on the northern beaches in Sydney, making it a bit tricky shooting nude as the beaches normally get busy very quickly, but we managed to find a way.

Here is some of what we captured. 

Hope you like them if you are looking for a great model to work with - I cannot recommend Lucy high enough. 


Stories from the Ocean Exhibition

This weekend, as part of the Manly Arts Festival, me and 5 other photographers are holding a photography exhibition at Queenscliff Surf Club!

On top of a visual feast of ocean and surfing images, there will also be a free meditation class, Yoga warm-up stretches for Surfers, a. talk about health and nutrition by Liz Dene of The Wellness Girls and live music. 

At 4pm on Saturday is our official opening, with music then s short talk by Vanessa from Manly Spirits. 


The time table goes like this 

Saturday 21st September

  • 7am Opening - check the photos out all weekend
  • 8am Himalayan Breathwork and asana by the sattva life
  • 2pm Tips for shooting in the water 
  • 4pm  Music by @_otto_wavemusic  and Didgeridoo Journeys
  • 4:30pm Vanessa from @manlyspirits 
  • 6pm Music by @luxtrevis

Sunday  22 September

  • 7am Opening
  • 9-9:45 am  yoga with naomi 
  • 2-2:45pm yoga with naomi 

The Photographers

Mark Morgan

Seamus Byrne - @seamusbphoto

An emerging surf and lifestyle photographer based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Seamus’ works focus on the relaxed surf culture and the beautiful waters that surround Sydney’s beaches. Through this, he captures emotive moments in and between waves. 

Ross Long - @rosslongphotography

Ross is a landscape, adventure and lifestyle photographer originally from Cornwall, England but became a Manly local in 2017.
Ross spends 70% of his year travelling across Australia and New Zealand for work, which allows him to explore the depths of these two magical countries.
Ross moved from being a land based photographer to an ocean based photographer with the aim of capturing the landscape/seascape from above and under the water. He spent the majority of his youth in the cold Cornish waters and wanted to combine his love of the ocean with his love of photography.

Catherine Foulstone - @catfoulstone

is a northern beaches based photographer. Her work explores escapism, offered at the hands of the ocean. Wide open expanses and fluidity in motion directly juxtapose the hustle of urban life - a welcome reprise that so many of us can appreciate.

John Wolfson -  @johnwolfson

has become an essential form of expression. Feeling absorbed in the subject matter that surrounds. Having grown up on the northern beaches, the ocean provides much fulfilment as both surfer and photographer. His works often flow from reality into abstraction.

Daniel  Gschwind  - @daniel.g_photography

Daniel spent the majority of his adult life working as a Physiotherapist, trying to help people with their physical impairments. While working with people on a daily basis he realised that every human approaches, feels and interprets various aspects of life differently. Photography for him is a medium to express and transfer emotions in order to cope with his work-life balance. Daniel first began teaching himself photography in 2012, mainly from watching youtube videos and reading blogs in the internet. His photographic knowledge is self taught and has never received any formal photographic education.

Sunday Yoga with Naomi Lim

15-20 mins yoga routine (applying the principle of synchronising breath with movements), which can be practised on a daily basis to feel stronger, flexible and focused (i.e increase flexibility in the hips and hamstrings, open up the chest and lengthen out the spine)

Two sessions on Sunday 



Let’s talk health by Liz Dene

sports nutrition- improving performance * peak energy * increasing energy and wellbeing * nutrition and wellness * Live well, age well-improving performance with nutrition * improving sports performance using yoga and Pilates.

2pm on Saturday

The Sattva Life

The Sattva Life provides simple and highly effective training to calm the mind & body, creating space for the good life

The Musicians 

Joana Ruival

Joana Ruival explores different facets of music and live performance. An identity chameleon that brings us music powered by vibration: acoustic, electronic & sound healing.

Producing music in cooperation with several musicians,  each individual is temporarily displaced and then returns to its original equilibrium, creating something new in their journey. 

Lucas Trevisan | Lux Trevis - Spreading love and light around Mother Earth  @luxtrevis -

Marc ‘kundalini’ Cottee

Didgeridoo & Medicine Drum sound healing baths / performances / lessons. Nature connection experiences & bushcraft. Acknowledgement of Country.


Framing by @mafgallery

Some beverages supplied by :

@manlyspirits .  -

@nomadbreweries .  -

Details of Manly Ars Festival

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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