Swimwear shoot with Claudia

Claudia and I connected in Instagram. So glad we did.  

She is a wonderful model, and I feel like we created some great images. 

Our goal was to shoot some swimwear with a classic longboard, around a curl curl swimming pool and then finally some portraits in the forest with a nice wool jumper she brought along. 

You can find Claudia here 







Pool side.  Desaturated colour grading. 

In the woods

Shes on fire. 

Side Note - Underwater photography and film

I was contacted by Emma from Side Note magazine with an idea for her magazine called Side-Note. 


Initially Emma told me she wanted to capture just images but as we talked about the idea, talk of also bringing motion into the idea came up.  I had recently started experimenting with shooting video underwater and was excited by this challenge. 

First we had to pick some girls, and IMG models was kind enough to provide us with a beautiful selection of girls to consider.  As always when shooting underwater, its important for the models to be comfortable with open water swimming in the ocean.  We picked 4 girls who seemed to fit this criteria, 

We also had to pick the right day.  Water conditions ( no swell, no recent rain, water clarity ) were vital, and we had a number of false starts which I had to abort as I did not feel the ocean was ready for us.  We finally got a day that looked promising, and we met at shelly beach at first light. 

This was our result





Hope you like it. 

Thanks Emma and Side-Note for making me part of your project. 

Salty Women Film

Salty Women 

I decided I wanted to make a film to convey the spirt and joy women bring to the surfing line up. I spend a lot of the time bopping in the water with my camera, and women definitely add a different dynamic  which makes surfing more fun. Particularly in the longboard discipline . 

Friends and couples are made on the ocean.  I know people who have been married from meeting on the water. 

Women can also surf aggressively and with so much courage,  but still with amazing beauty and grace. Women are equals in the ocean .

I really wanted to capture all of this this in motion ! So my project Salty Women was born.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have shot in some of the best longboarding locations in Australia.

This film is made up of footage I have taken over the past 6 months in Sydney , Noosa and Byron bay. 

Whist making this film I was looking for music that would go with the theme and vibe. I was lucky enough to come across the Tipsy Scholars who have just released an awesome EP.  Their music is wonderful and I felt went perfectly with the mood of the film.  

Be sure to check them out. 


This film will be entered in the Womens Surf Film Festival. 


And by sharing / liking and commenting on this film you are helping support me so I am able to create more content like this for you.

I also encourage you to watch this wonderful documentary 


It follows the story of six friends from Brookvale who shaped the history of surfing in Australia. We dive into a golden decade when surfing was transformed into a sport and a culture with its own music, movies, fashions and heroes. From the primitive factories in a former market garden at Brookvale, bordering the favoured wave spots of Dee Why Point and Fairy Bower, these pioneers became known as “The Brookvale Six”.

Be sure to take note of one the young guys attitudes to women in the surf  ……  apparently its not normal …….ha ha. 

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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