The Tipsy Scholars

A while back whist making a film on womens surfing I was desperate to find some music to put to the film.  It needed to be folky  , upbeat and fit with the vibe of the film. I has tried the film to a few mainstream songs, and although I thought they were okay, I just could not seem to find the perfect match. 

Out of the blue, James of the Tipsy Scholars contacted me and asked if I would like to use some of his bands music for the film.  James and the band are surfers, and fortunately for me followed my facebook page. 

Queenscliff Surf photos

On first listen to a couple of tracks I was instantly hooked.  It is not often I love a song or band on first listen, but I can definitely say this about The Tipsy Scholars.  I’m a sucker for folk indie music, so it was meant to be. 

Initially I used all 3 of their tracks from the EP in my film, but it was deemed to be a little too long.  It was so hard to let go, but eventually the Song Modern Anxiety was dropped.  I’m still hoping to use this somewhere!

You can read all about them here,

And more importantly -you can support them by going to one of their concerts. 

Saturday 16th June - Festival Allsorts, Canberra
Friday 29th June - Moonshine, Sydney
Saturday 7th July - Bar 33, Melbourne
Friday 20th July - BMEC, Bathurst
Thursday 26th July - UniBar, Wollongong
Saturday 28th July - Polish Club, Canberra
Thursday 2nd August - Hamilton Station, Newcastle
Friday 3rd August - The Brewery, Byron Bay
Sunday 5th August - The Milk Factory, Brisbane
Thursday 9th August - The Lansdowne, Sydney
Friday 10th August - The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle

UK/ Ireland:

Friday 17th of August - Whelans, Dublin [Ireland]
Friday August 24- The Bowery Dublin
Friday 31st of August-1st September - Deeside Music Festival, Aberdeen [Scotland]
Sunday 2nd of September - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow [Scotland]
Wednesday 5th of September - The George Orwell, Dundee [Scotland]
Saturday 8th of September - The Luna, London [England]
Friday 14th of September - The Eagle Inn, Manchester [England]
Saturday 15th of September - The Spice of Life [England]

Or following and listening to them on Spotify

The images on this link were taken by me at the moonshine bar in Manly.  I don’t have much experience shooting bands in small dark spaces so excuse the quality.

Easy listening. 

Thanks for the music guys!

Tipsy Scholars in manly

Tipsy Scholars at moonshine bar

Moonshine bar

Swimwear shoot with Claudia

Claudia and I connected in Instagram. So glad we did.  

She is a wonderful model, and I feel like we created some great images. 

Our goal was to shoot some swimwear with a classic longboard, around a curl curl swimming pool and then finally some portraits in the forest with a nice wool jumper she brought along. 

You can find Claudia here





Pool side.  Desaturated colour grading. 

In the woods

Shes on fire. 

Side Note - Underwater photography and film

I was contacted by Emma from Side Note magazine with an idea for her magazine called Side-Note.

Initially Emma told me she wanted to capture just images but as we talked about the idea, talk of also bringing motion into the idea came up.  I had recently started experimenting with shooting video underwater and was excited by this challenge. 

First we had to pick some girls, and IMG models was kind enough to provide us with a beautiful selection of girls to consider.  As always when shooting underwater, its important for the models to be comfortable with open water swimming in the ocean.  We picked 4 girls who seemed to fit this criteria, 

We also had to pick the right day.  Water conditions ( no swell, no recent rain, water clarity ) were vital, and we had a number of false starts which I had to abort as I did not feel the ocean was ready for us.  We finally got a day that looked promising, and we met at shelly beach at first light. 

This was our result



Hope you like it. 

Thanks Emma and Side-Note for making me part of your project. 

All images owned by Mark Morgan
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